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The API’s purpose is to connect systems, software, and applications quickly and securely. In order to enhance the usability of our solutions, we offer an integration API that allows you to retrieve data provided by Procob, enabling you to query it without the need to directly access the source platform. This results in the efficient automation of processes.


Antifraud is an essential tool to protect your company against cyber threats and fraudulent activities. It conducts a thorough verification of data, documents, and backgrounds, strengthening your defenses and preventing potential risks. With a comprehensive verification approach, you will have the confidence needed to address the challenges of digital security, ensuring the protection of your business and customers.

Digital Certificates

The Digital Certificate is an electronic tool that plays a fundamental role in the authentication and secure signing of documents in the digital environment, giving them legal validity in Brazil. It is a modern and effective solution to ensure information security in the virtual world.

Debtor Negative Reporting

The Debtor Negative Report, supported by the Consumer Protection Code, is an essential tool for credit recovery. It is intended for Legal Entities seeking to include overdue and unpaid debts, up to 5 years old, in the Serasa Experian Defaulters Database. This procedure is entirely legal and applicable to both individual (CPF) and business (CNPJ) entities. (Authorized Serasa Experian Distributor)

Financial Restrictions

A tool designed to ensure efficiency and accuracy in crucial decision-making for credit granting. With detailed and constantly updated analyses, we provide a more secure assessment of the customer’s payment capacity, resulting in risk reduction and increased reliability in credit operations. This creates a more robust business environment, benefiting both lenders and credit takers.

Notory Services

Enhance your interaction with notarial data quickly, conveniently, and cost-effectively, eliminating the need for physical travel.


Through our platform, we provide comprehensive reports that encompass all vehicle specifications. By accessing this information, you will have detailed insights into the vehicle’s history, accident records, and other significant vehicle data.

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