Protect your company against cyber threats and fraudulent activities through rigorous data, document, and background validation, strengthening your defenses and preventing potential risks. With our comprehensive verification approach, you will have the confidence needed to face the challenges of digital security and ensure the protection of your business and customers.

A solution for e-commerce that performs cross-referencing of information from the online store at the time of purchase

Advanced Background Check

Ensure greater security and accuracy in your background check processes by obtaining negative certificates to validate the information of individuals and legal entities. With this approach, you will be prepared to start a more effective background verification process, providing a thorough and reliable analysis of the information relevant to a potential business transaction.


Datamatch is an advanced information matching system that is activated at the moment of purchase, providing precise responses through Procob intelligence. With this technology, you can be confident that every transaction is thoroughly verified, ensuring a safe and reliable shopping experience for your customers. Increase the efficiency of your business and offer complete peace of mind in all online transactions.

Market Engagement

Online monitoring service developed with the primary goal of significantly reducing the fraud rate and providing greater security in completing sales. Our solution is based on intelligent data matching, allowing precise identification of profiles based on purchase attempts, both in physical and online commerce.


Security in Background Processes

Prevention of Fraud and Cybersecurity Threats

Secure Shopping

Intelligent Data

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