Digital Certificates

Go beyond a simple signature and gain the credibility your company deserves in the digital environment. Our solution offers much more than just a signature; it’s a trust seal that strengthens your online image and brand.

The Digital Certificate is an electronic device that allows the owner to identify themselves and digitally sign documents securely with legal validity in Brazil. It is one of the most modern solutions when it comes to information security in the virtual environment.

The Digital Certificate plays a fundamental role in various operations, offering significant advantages to streamline processes.


It’s the Digital Certificate for individuals. It ensures your identity on the internet, as well as providing more security in your transactions, allowing you to digitally sign documents. It is essential for professionals in the fields of accounting, medicine, law, etc.


It’s the Digital Certificate for businesses. It allows online services to be carried out with complete security and legal validity, such as sending statements with digital signatures to the Federal Revenue and many others.


It’s a Digital Certificate specially created to meet the needs of companies with a high volume of invoice issuance.


It ensures the authenticity of an electronic document or message

Required in certain judicial and administrative processes

Greater Security

Used to sign electronic documents

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