The Increase in Delinquent Companies in Brazil Surpasses Historical Series of the Index

Delinquency has reached its own record since the beginning of the historical index initiated in 2016. According to data from the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services, and Tourism (CNC), 78.3% of Brazilian households have some overdue debt. Out of every 100 delinquent consumers in April, 45 were behind on payments for more than three months. In total, there are 66.8 million people with debts.

It’s important to understand that delinquency is a chain, and when it affects the end consumer, these numbers will undoubtedly be reflected in businesses. In a report presented by Serasa Experian, in the last 12 months, nearly half a million companies were negatively listed throughout the country, totaling 6.5 million enterprises in the red.

The negative amounts exceed R$115 billion, and on average, each negatively listed company has 7 overdue accounts. Service companies represent 53.8% of the debtors, followed by commerce at 37.3%, industry at 7.7%, primary sector at 0.8%, and others including the financial sector and the third sector at 0.4%.

The research shows which categories have acquired the highest percentages of debts. The segment “Other – Financial and Third Sector Companies” leads this list, along with the banking and services sector, which have a significant portion of the debts to be settled.

In terms of states, São Paulo is in first place, followed by Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, and Bahia. According to Serasa’s information, 5.76 million are micro and small businesses, totaling 94.5 billion reais in debts.

Debtors’ Negativation

Procob, in partnership with Serasa Experian, offers the Debtors’ Negativation solution. It is a debt collection tool permitted for companies, accessing data from the largest database of delinquents in the country. With this solution, it is possible to reach agreements with more accessible amounts for debt repayment and get out of delinquency. The procedure is carried out legally, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Code.

Debts that are overdue and unpaid, associated with a CPF or CNPJ, can be included in the list of negatively listed individuals or companies. When a request is made to include a name on the list, the credit protection agency sends a letter to the client informing them of the situation.

We can assist you!

Procob can assist your company in two ways:

  • Detailed information for credit approval analysis and monitoring of the financial behavior of customers. With this data, it is possible to make more accurate decisions based on the reality of each consumer.
  • Debtors’ negativation is a way to notify the client about the outstanding amount and open possibilities for the amount to be settled.

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