OCR Technology in Banking Routines

Have you ever thought about converting data from an image into digital format in just a few minutes by tracing characters and even extracting only the information you need?

Learn more about this efficient tool to bring speed to your operations!

What is OCR:

Technology has been transforming corporate routines, bringing more and more speed and performance to day-to-day operations. Companies that are digitizing their internal processes are making use of OCR, which stands for Optical Character Recognition.

OCR technology enables the conversion of images through scanning and recognition of graphic characters, turning the captured image into editable content.

The tool analyzes the captured document and compares the characters based on the fonts stored in its database, allowing OCR to recognize the characters and transform text images into plain text.

An efficient tool to bring speed to your operations!

OCR Applications:

The ability to create an editable text version of scanned documents addresses a need that simple document scanning doesn’t fulfill.

In general, companies find in OCR an effective means to convert physical documents into digital information.

Have you ever wasted a lot of time checking names or information in printed documents to enter into an internal system?

Registering your customers swiftly and securely, avoiding errors and failures, is one of the best scenarios. It contributes to customer loyalty through an optimized shopping experience, while also preventing errors or human mistakes.

Companies and financial institutions require security in their internal actions; they need to efficiently consult document information and personal identification for registrations, and they can use OCR technology to identify the document and convert the information.

Investing in Optical Character Recognition helps companies define new strategies, optimizing routines with speed and security.