International Women’s Day!

March 8th is dedicated in honor of International Women’s Day, empowerment, and their struggles for gender equality. Currently, there are 8 billion people in the world, with women constituting 49.7% of the population. According to estimates from the United Nations (UN), this percentage will be even higher by 2024.

Today, we can see how the strength of women is increasing daily, breaking barriers, and gaining more space in society in all areas.

Here at Procob, 59% of our workforce is composed of women. They are present in all areas of the company – HR, support, sales, administration, finance, marketing, and IT.

The growth of women in the corporate world only proves how they are continually developing in all fields. This highlights their representation in all areas and functions.

All women play important roles and show every day that they are capable of achieving whatever they set their minds to. On this special day, we at Procob couldn’t help but pay tribute to them and express how the presence of women transforms our daily lives.

Congratulations to all women!