Procob’s website has a fresh new look!

Starting the celebrations of our 20 years, Procob went through a restructuring process that brought modernity and versatility to our brand. We present a completely redesigned platform to meet your needs more effectively and enjoyably. We want to share with you the improvements and features that make your visit to our website more informative and enjoyable than ever.

One of the most noticeable changes is our new primary color, red, which represents grandeur, seriousness, prominence, urgency, and action. We are ready to act quickly and securely in protecting our clients. The incorporated illustrations bring versatility and the ability to create various possibilities, expressing our essence through images and making the content more understandable.

In addition to the modern and intuitive design, the new website is responsive and features a dark mode function, increasing accessibility. Our content has been expanded, including news, articles about products, and topics related to the niches served by Procob. It also allows you to learn more about the features of iDProcob, the application that provides access to our system. We have added interactive features, such as chat, WhatsApp (for those with the application), and forms, so you can contact us directly and get immediate support.

For the Commercial Director, Luiz Antonio Halmenschlager, the restructuring of our website makes it more comprehensive and intuitive, transforming the user experience.

“We invite you to explore all the improvements on our new site by navigating through various sections of articles and products. We hope you like it and that it becomes a valuable source of information and resources for you. We look forward to continuing to serve you in the best possible way and celebrating another 20 years of success together,” he comments.