About Us

Procob was established in 2004, with the purpose of being a solution for Credit Recovery companies, which were struggling with the lack of a comprehensive tool to access detailed information about Individuals and Legal Entities, as well as information about outstanding debts.

Recognizing the market’s needs, Procob expanded its product offerings and started providing support for other decisions to be made by entrepreneurs from various fields, always marked by INNOVATION.

In 2010, the company registered the Procob brand with the INPI. In the same year, it became an Authorized Distributor of Serasa Experian. With the evolution of the technology market, the institution began to provide integrated solutions via API, currently used in 94% of the queries. Procob has a specialized in-house IT team, streamlining processes, improving and updating our tools daily with speed and expertise.

Currently, the company’s focus is on resources for address validation, anti-fraud measures, credit protection, and tools aimed at minimizing chargeback risks. We have developed platforms for various sectors, including: Financial Institutions, E-commerce, Retail, Manufacturing, Debt Collection, Legal, Real Estate, Transportation, and Notaries.

In compliance with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) and other regulations, Procob provides non-sensitive personal data for the purpose of Credit Protection and Fraud Prevention, serving its clients securely and legally.


Offer solutions of financial risk analysis and fraud prevention, helping companies validate transactions and ensure security.


National leadership in credict protection services and fraud prevention, with innovation, quality and excelence.


Procob values: Constant innovation, respect, pride, security, and commitment to ethics, regulations, trust, and excelence in our services.